Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Camera

I finally decided to trade in my point-and-shoot for a DSLR camera. I narrowed my choices down to the Nikon J1 and the Nikon D3100. I liked the sleek design of the J1 but the reviews weren't great so I went with the D3100. I have been reading tutorials and trying to get out of shooting in automatic mode, and while I haven't even figured out a fraction of what this thing can do, I am absolutely loving it. I don't think I quite realized how poor of quality my pictures were before. Hopefully, from now on, all my pictures on my blog will be better and will continue to improve. Here are a few pictures that I have taken...
My Shih-tzu Zhoe
My Louis
Sweet baby Presleigh
Playing with depth of field
Macro Shot
Now that I can finally take decent pictures, I will be posting pictures of my office make-over very soon!

Monday, February 20, 2012

RH trunk copy cat

I have always loved the Aviator coffee table trunk from Restoration Hardware. I thought this piece would be perfect for an interior design project that I am working on, but with a price tag of over $1000 and the fact that it is no longer available, it wasn't an option. Instead I decided to try my hand at a DIY replica. I found an old foot locker at the thrift store for $9.99. The hardware was already a gold that was very similar to my Restoration Hardware inspiration. I taped over it so that it wouldn't be covered with paint. I used metallic silver spray paint to cover the rest of it (it was green before). When I removed the tape, I was so surprised at how similar it looked to the RH trunk. It is much smaller and is being used on the hearth, not as a coffee table, but I absolutely loved the end results. Now I want to do one for my own house but I get bored doing the same projects again and again, so we'll just have to see about that.

Restoration Hardware Aviator Coffee Table compared to DIY foot locker

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Baby Girl Door Hanger

'Tis the season for babies! I know quite a few people that are expecting little ones within the next couple of months, two of which are girls. I decided to make these door hangers for part of their baby shower gifts. They can be hung on the door of the hospital and then transferred to the front door of the home of the baby's nursery. My favorite part is the little curls on top that I made out of wire, and of course, the girly pink satin ribbons. Speaking of people having babies, my very best friend in the whole world just found out she is pregnant too! I am beyond excited and have already started designing her nursery! 

She is going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever!