Saturday, March 24, 2012

My Home Office

This past summer we converted the guest room (actually more of a storage room) into my home office. It has been a slow process getting it to this point, but it is now one of my favorite spaces. I chose Martha Stewart's "Sharky Gray" for the wall color and added white furniture to keep the room light and airy. It is a fairly small room so the light colors helped in that respect as well. Since my business is in the wedding industry, I wanted it to have a soft, romantic feel but at the same time, I wanted to add a few fun quirky pieces since the rest of the house is pretty neutral colored. I am still new at the whole photography thing and this room was extremely hard to capture. I thought since I just got the camera, it would be a long time before I would see the need to purchase additional lenses. Definitely not the case. A wide angle lens would have made photographing this room a million times easier, but for now I made do with what I have. Anyways, welcome to my office!
I love that it is so feminine!
The pink drapes incorporate my company color.
Dogs (small breeds only) are always welcome in my office and can lay in the hot pink bed if they choose.
Monograms are my thing so of course my chair is no exception. The mirrored chest was a gift from the boyfriend and one of my favorite pieces of furniture. It adds the perfect amount of glam (and is a nice home for my printer).
I painted both of these pieces a while back but they really didn't fit with the rest of the house. I loved the bold black frame with the metallic giraffe paired with the soft abstract canvas. Then I added a pop of turquoise with the Kate Spade box, which belongs to a cake serving set, a vintage wedding cake topper, and a wedding etiquette book. Just keeping with the wedding theme.
I found this cute metal card holder at Staples to show off my pretty pink business cards.
I seriously wouldn't make it without my daily planner. I'm very pro-tchnology but some things just need to be written down. If it's not in my planner, it's not getting done.
My office is consumed with wedding magazines and these are some of my all time favorites.
My bulletin board was a little boring so I painted the edges gold to glam it up a bit. 
The old window showcases pictures from a few of my recent weddings. I used it for a bridal show and decided to keep it out for decor. I love using windows to display photos.
When I saw this Yorkie picture at Home Goods, it reminded me so much of my Presleigh. I also had to get the cute pink treat container. I told you, it's a pet-friendly place.
I had been wanting a leopard print rug to add a little sass to the room. I happened upon this one at Ross and it was dirt cheap and the perfect size.
I got this magazine holder at the thrift store and it was the perfect height for a little window seat. I added some faux fur material and it became Presleigh's favorite spot to sit while I work. She lets me know when we have visitors.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my home office! Enjoy the weekend!

Desk- Ikea
Clear Chair- Ikea
Chair Cover- World Market
Chandelier- Ikea
Drapes- Target
Mirrored Chest- TJ Maxx
White Cabinets- Home Depot
Window Seat- Thrift Store/Faux Fur- Jo Ann Fabric/Pillow- Ross
Rug- Ross
Lamp- Old Time Pottery
Yorkie Framed Art- Home Goods/ Treat Container- Home Goods
Window- Antique Store