Wednesday, December 7, 2011

North Pole burlap pillow

I had seen a similar pillow at Christmas time last year and I figured if I still liked it a year later, then I definitely liked it enough to make a copy-cat version. I made a stencil of the wording using my silhouette machine, and filled it in with a black sharpie. The reason that I didn't use paint was because I didn't have any vinyl. I just made the stencil using card stock and paint tends to bleed around the edges when it is not completely stuck to the material. I actually really liked the look of the Sharpie lettering. It was really pretty simple. The hardest part was spacing the words and keeping the lines straight. The best part of the project is that the only thing it costs me was a little time. I already had all the supplies on hand. Now I have about 5 other Christmas pillow designs that I want to make but probably won't get around to.

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