Monday, January 31, 2011

Bedroom Make-over: Bedding

Knowing that I would soon be moving back home upon graduation, I spent time over Thanksgiving break to dream up my perfect bedroom make-over. I wish I had pictures of the "before" but you'll just have to trust me that it was not a pretty sight. My walls were an odd green, which I'm still not quite sure why I let my mom paint my room that color. Years ago, we had added a few decorations to match along with a green,brown, and mustard print comforter. At that time, I wasn't really in to the whole home decor scene. Thank goodness your taste can change.

My favorite decor style at the moment is shades of neutrals. I contemplated using all white in my bedroom but decided it probably wasn't the best idea with a spoiled yorkie who sleeps right next to me in the bed, and would have it no other way. For a more logical approach to the light neutral family, I decided on ivory. My first addition to my new room was my bedding. I wanted a feminine, romantic style and after browsing the Pottery Barn site, I knew I had found the perfect match.

I got the Ruched Voile duvet cover and matching shams as an early Christmas present from my parents via Pottery Barn. The other details of my finished bed were added here and there as I came across them.

My amazing boyfriend helped to complete my vision by getting me the oatmeal colored Pottery Barn quilt and matching shams for graduation. When I told him that I wanted a quilt, he asked, "What does it do?". He sees no point in decorating or in items that have no functionality. Men. I chose this darker shade to bring out the color of the stitching in my duvet cover.

I wanted to add a bit of "fluff" to my bed and I found these two cuties at great prices. The furry pillow on the left was a steal from Ross for $6.99 and the sweater pillow is from Pier 1 for a reasonable $24.99.

This pillow is a copy-cat version of the Pottery Barn pillows below. I found it for $14.99 at Stein Mart. 

These are $29 each for the the pillow cover only.

I bought my 1500 thread-count sheets at the Atlanta Market for wholesale price. I've never had sheets that felt this good. I got them monogrammed on the wrong side with my initials so that they would show when I turn down the bedding. For the final touch, I added a faux-fur throw for a cozy look. I debated getting one from Pottery Barn but I decided $119 was a bit much for a blanket. I found a very similar one for $19.99 at TJ Max. I stay cold so it is on me much more than it is on my bed.

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  1. Your bed is gorgeous, Lauren...I am loving all the great pillows! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog...I am a new follower, too!