Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bedroom Make-over: Chest

This chest used to set flush against the left wall. I decided to place it in the corner in order to open up the room and display my recently added decor. I fell in love with this lamp because of the creamy ceramic base contrasted with the burlap shade. I found it at Hobby Lobby, marked $99. Hobby Lobby has awesome sales and the lamp just so happened to be 50% off, so yes, it went home with me for $50. 

That brings me to the baskets. I love baskets of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only are they great for organizing, but I just love the southern look and feel they give a room.

These baskets from Pottery Barn range from $24 to $54 each. I got the two baskets in my picture from Hobby Lobby and they,too, were 50%. The smaller one on top of the chest ended up costing $7 and the larger one in the floor, $12. Not bad at all.

I couldn't make it out of the store before I grabbed a few of these decor balls. I loved the natural look and   knew they would be perfect in my basket. These actually weren't on sale but they were dirt cheap at the original price. The two smaller ones were a $2.99 each and the larger one was $4.99. 

Next, I created three numbered burlap signs. I started with three 8x10 pieces of canvas. Then I cut out three squares of burlap material, each a little bit larger than the actual canvas. I pulled the material tight, folder it over the front edges, and hot glued it to the back side. Next I used 5" number stencils and painted the numbers 1.2, and 3 on each canvas with white acrylic paint. I am crazy about all of the number decor inspired by Pottery Barn and Restoration Hardware. These were very easy and quite cheap.

To complete the look, I draped a light brown afghan out of the large basket and placed an old dark wooden frame to add a bit of contrast and rustic appeal. I am quite pleased with the finished product of this corner because I feel it complements the rustic chic theme I am trying to create. What do you think?

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  1. Such a great job recreating PB stuff for a lot less. I love Hobby Lobby. Love your new blog.