Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Grain Sack Pillow

I am planning to make a whole set of pillows to go on the couch. I am envisioning a neutral assortment of burlap, linen, and cotton; with a combination of French vintage designs and soft country detail. My inspiration comes from all over, mostly from other bloggers and, of course, Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. 

If you have read many of my other posts, you should be well aware of my love obsession for grain sacks and all things made from them. Well, I decided it was time to make my own. I found an old pillow insert and begged my mom to sew a pillow case for it. I chose the same "linen-ish" material that I used to make my "Mrs." and "Mr." pillows. I chose to add brown stripes to the center and to both outer edges. I marked off the areas that I wanted to stripe with tape, and got out my paint brush. Typically, when I have a paint brush in hand, this is not the sort of project that I am working on. Besides my furniture and crafts, I also paint acrylics and oils. I haven't done anything new in a while because I have been in more of a mood to re-decorate with DIY creations but if you enjoy artwork, I would love for you to check out my stuff. You can find most of it at Dainty Paint. I plan to add some of my art to this blog as well. 
So, back to the pillow. This was an extremely easy project (especially considering the fact that I didn't do any of the sewing) but I was definitely pleased with the outcome. After the paint dried, I sanded over the stripes with a sanding block to fade the color. I'm still hoping for the real thing one day, but this is a very close second.


  1. Turned out great Lauren, wonderful job on this!

  2. How cute, Lauren! Please post a picture of your pillows on your sofa when you finish with all of them! :D