Monday, February 28, 2011

Mirror Make-Over

In a recent post about my cubby unit, I mentioned that I was in the process of re-doing my bathroom. It is not an immediate project. I am just changing things here and there as I come across ideas or good deals. The walls are chocolate brown and the vanity, trim, and floor are all white. I am thinking I am going to stick with the white theme and add a white shower curtain. Before I began the make-over process, the bathroom design was a total mess. The walls were brown. The shower curtain was black and white. The rug was light green. A mess. 

The mirror hanging above the vanity was black and gold. I liked the carved detailing but the colors did not work at all. I took advantage of the beautiful weather this past weekend and gave it a transformation. First, I taped up the mirror with newspaper to keep paint from getting on the glass. Next I sanded the frame and then gave it a coat of white spray paint. I was surprised that one coat pretty much covered it. After the mirror dried, I made a gray glaze from gray acrylic paint and water. I rubbed it on with a cloth, working the paint into the grooves.

Before (corner)
It turned out to be exactly what I had wanted for my bathroom. The mirror had the shabby chic look I was going for and the gray glaze was the perfect color to accentuate the carved detailing around the edges. It looked perfect against the dark bathroom walls. I will be taking pictures of the mirror hanging, once the rest of the bathroom is complete.
After (corner)


  1. Look so good. I'd like to do this too, you used the Gary glaze all over or just in certain places? thanks

  2. It looks great that way, good job!