Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wedding Festivities

I have been a terrible blogger these past few days, but with good cause. It was one of my closest friend's wedding in Destin, FL. Last week I spent most of my time working on decorations for all of the festivities. I had so much fun making the boutonnieres, chair decorations, weddings signs, and food labels. Jennifer, the bride, is so fun and creative and we share much of the same style. That made it very easy to figure out the look she wanted. 

She chose to use a southern beach theme, with the incorporation of starfish, cotton, burlap, and jewel tones. They served traditional southern fare including a grits bar, pork tenderloin, an assortment of cheeses, black-eyed pea salad, and sweet tea. The signature drink was Jack Daniels Lynchburg lemonade, poured into mason jars with monogrammed stirs. Jennifer chose four different colors for her bridesmaids dresses; lime green, yellow, coral, and turquoise. The groomsmen wore linen suits with coordinating Vineyard Vines bow ties. Everybody was barefoot, as the wedding was supposed to take place on the beach. With the high winds and tornado watches all over the area, the ceremony was moved to the reception house, which ended up being perfect. The house was completely packed and full of love and support for Jenn and Brad. I was so blessed to be a part of such a special day and Jennifer was absolutely gorgeous. 

I took a few snapshots of some of the stuff that I made. I never even got my camera out of my purse at the wedding so I will steal some pictures from Facebook once people upload them. A few of these pictures were actually taken by the bride on her iphone. She is an amazing photographer so yes, she can make pictures look incredible using a camera phone. 

These are the boutonnieres that I made. Instead of the traditional flower, the cotton was the main focus. I added a piece of burlap and filled in space with reindeer moss. Next I collected sticks from my back yard and attached them in order to add a rustic flare. I wrapped all of the stems together with jute and then added a tiny starfish to the moss. 

This is the sign that I made for the entrance to the neighborhood for the wedding. Jennifer's step mom and I picked through random scraps of wood and metal in their workshop and with a little paint and glue, I designed the sign. I also covered 8x10 canvas with burlap to create the wedding date at the bottom.

These were some of the food labels I created with cork board and chalkboard spray paint. The "Vino" sign was also made from a piece of scrap wood. I just added the row of wine corks for some added detail.
This is the handkerchief that I made for Jennifer to give her dad right before the ceremony.  Yes, that is Presleigh's head in the corner. She helped. I also made two others for her step dad and father-in-law. I used the same technique from the dish towels that I made for another friend. I added the cotton image and the jute stitching to add personality and to match the wedding theme.
These were made to hang on the side of the chairs. I just simply glued a patch of moss and then the star fish. 

They also decorated with some of the stuff that I had made Jennifer for her bridal shower including the moss initial wreath. I can't wait to post pictures of all this stuff at the actual wedding. Look for a continued post soon.

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  1. Wow, Lauren. You are so talented!!!! :D I love the boutonnieres best of all!!! Too, too cute!!!