Friday, March 18, 2011

Burlap Tissue Box Holder

My most recent mini-project came about when I spotted a metal tissue box holder at the Thrift Store. It was $0.59 and I knew immediately what I would use it for. It seems that I am always needing a tissue for something, yet I refuse to leave the tissue box setting out because it just isn't attractive at all. 
I took this little tissue box holder and covered it with burlap for a much cleaner look that matches my bedroom. It was very easy and took about 15 minutes total. I started by cutting a square of material to fit the top of the box. I glued that piece on the top and then glued the edges down to the sides. Next I used a box cuter to create an "X" in the material over the opening. The "X" made four flaps that I glued down to the inside of the top of the box. 
Then I cut a piece of burlap that would wrap all the way around the sides of the tissue box holder. This piece was a few inches longer than the height of the box. I started on one side, glueing the material at the top edge of the box and working my way around. The last step involved glueing the remaining material at the bottom of the box to the inside. Finally I slid a box of tissue paper in the holder and was quite impressed with such a cheap, easy project. If I make another one, I think I will get the material monogrammed ahead of time. Now I am prepared for the abundance of pollen that so miserably greets me every year at this time.  

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