Friday, March 11, 2011

Picture This!

Like usual, the plan was to run in Hobby Lobby after one thing that I needed. And like usual, I browsed the store for over an hour. I didn't need anything off of the "wood isle" but somehow ended up there and decided to pick up an unfinished picture frame. I really didn't have a plan for it but I like to have some little projects that I can complete in under 30 minutes. 

I am loving horizontal stripes right now and I really want to stripe the walls somewhere in the house. For now, I decided to settle for the picture frame. I like the bold stripes, like black/navy and white, but my favorite are shades of neutrals. I chose to alternate between white and ivory and use a thick stripe design.  I threw together a burlap bow and made a matching burlap hanger and the project was finished. I think this frame would be perfect in a nursery but maybe the babies on the frame insert gave me that idea. 

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