Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spring Floral Arrangement

Although the weather these past few days has had me digging my Ugg boots out of the closet, I am dreaming of all things related to Spring. Before this cold front moved in, we had been enjoying beautiful weeks of sunshine and warm weather. I thought we were finished with Winter, but I guess not quite yet. I love so many things about the Spring time. The luscious green grass and blooming flowers are a couple of things that I associate with this season. Oh, and my birthday of course. I am a true girl and I appreciate most all flowers. When it comes to fresh cut flowers, I am partial to a clean arrangement of whites mixed with greenery.

These are a couple of arrangements that I put together for a bridal shower. All of the flowers came from Whole Foods. They always have an amazing floral selection and I can grab my favorite food items while I'm there as well. 

The largest arrangement was used for the centerpiece so I wanted to use a long-stemmed flower to create height. I chose white gladiolas as the main flower. Then I added some greenery that reminded me of monkey grass in order to create a bit of playful detail. I'm not even sure where I first got the idea to use food in an arrangement, but I immediately knew that brussel sprouts would be perfect. I placed the brussel sprouts in the vase, surrounding the flowers. The veggie decor helped to hold the stems up right and when I added water the brussel sprouts almost doubled in size. I still felt like something was missing.  I had the vegetable but now I needed the fruit. That association probably comes from my nutrition background but the idea was useful. I added a row of limes across the top and decided the look was complete.

For the smaller arrangement, I chose white hydrangeas. I can't imagine a southern girl who isn't crazy about hydrangeas. Beyond the basics, I am horrible at naming plants and flowers so I won't even try to figure out what this greenery is called. I chose it because it sprouted in funky directions and reminded me of ruffles. I think it just so happened to be the perfect complement. I never checked into buying  pre-made arrangements but I'm sure it would have been expensive for something comparable. I also liked that by making them myself, I could add the modern food detail that is not typically seen by a florist.

For a fall approach, I used a similar creation to the gladiola arrangement and added rustic sticks and cherry blossoms. I love the concept of using fruits and vegetables in floral decoration and I have many other ideas that I will try soon.



  1. Cute idea on the limes and brussels!

  2. Lauren, you know I am digging the Bells of Ireland Gorgeous arrangements!!!

  3. I love the limes and are those brussel sprouts??? So inventive.