Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Personalized Subway Art

I really like the look of the popular subway art signs, but they are not exactly my style when it comes to decorating my house. Since I really wanted to make one but didn't have a particular use for it, I decided to make one as a gift. Quite a few of my projects that I have posted about have been for my friend Jennifer, who got married the beginning of March. This project fell into that category as well. I decided to personalize the canvas, focusing on numbers and words that related to her wedding. I created the letters using stencils that I had on hand, as well as making some by printing the words and cutting them out with an exacto knife. I painted their names, "Jenn" and "Brad", the largest. Then I filled in with smaller words including "beach" and "Destin", because that was their wedding location. I used a large "3" and "5" to symbolize their wedding date, March 5th. I also added a set of small vertical numbers "8", "9", and "10" because they got engaged on August 9th, 2010. We used it to decorate at Jennifer's shower and she also chose to use it on the table with the groom's cake at her reception. 
After making the first subway art sign, I decided that the boyfriend needed one as well. Since Auburn won the national championship this year and he goes to school there, I sucked it up and got out the orange and blue paint. I have to say it would have looked even better in crimson and white with a "Roll Tide" and maybe a "Rammer Jammer" (University of Alabama lingo). Anyways, I painted words associated with Auburn football including the name of their stadium, their mascot, colors, and saying, and last year's star quarterback. I have painted several other Auburn themed paintings for his apartment so this one fit right in and helped to brighten his living room a bit. 
"Eye of the Tiger" painting for Josh 
"Aubie" painting for Josh

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