Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another set of wedding dish towels

A couple of weeks ago I posted about these Anthropologie inspired wedding dish towels that I made for a friend's bridal shower. I decided to list a set on Etsy and offer the choice to customize the trim colors. I liked the random assortment that I chose but I thought someone might like to coordinate the towels with the bride's wedding colors or kitchen colors. Plus, it is more fun to change things up a bit the second time. 

I was so excited when I discovered that someone had placed an order and had their own color scheme in mind. She requested a funky and fun combination of mango, light blue, dark brown, and citrine. I bought every roll of cute trim that I found in these colors and played with the different combinations until they were exactly what I had in mind. 

I may like these even more than the original towels. I just shipped them on Saturday so I hope the buyer is just as happy with the results as I was. 


  1. I like the dishtowels! They look so creative! Great job!...Daniel

  2. I like them, too. Fun color scheme!!!!

  3. Your dish towels are so cute! Unique and colorful!! I nominated you for a stylish blogger award!! =)