Sunday, February 27, 2011

Make a Wish...

This post is in honor of my amazing mother's birthday. She is the absolute BEST. Period. This is the birthday card that I made her. Ever since I can remember, I have made her homemade cards for her birthday. She used to tell me that she wouldn't accept store bought cards from me. I'm not sure how long that rule was supposed to be in effect but I'm keeping up the tradition. 
The card that I made is actually not a card at all. It is not paper and it does not open, but it serves the same purpose. I made it on an 8x10 piece of canvas and glued scraps of material together to form a layered cake. I used scrap trim and beads I had leftover from other projects and finished it with four real candles on top. No, she is not turning four but I won't reveal the real number (You're welcome Mom). I wrote the message on a piece of card stock, cut it to fit the back of the canvas, and attached it with hot glue.
She also got a wonderful present. She got an ipad! She was so excited because she has wanted one for a while but had no idea she was getting it. Now, I just have to help her figure out how to use it. Every time I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, she said the same thing. A gallon of paint to paint the kitchen. I really hope I never ask for a gallon of paint for my birthday. But, since that's what she said she wanted, she also got a gift card to Home Depot. 

So, financially, my dad actually bought those gifts. But I did make her favorite cake. It is a copy-cat version of Cracker Barrel's chocolate coca-cola cake. My parents both always ask for this same cake on their birthdays. As appreciative as she was for her presents, she deserves so much more for all that she does for me. I told her she just has to wait until I'm rich and famous. Yea right!


  1. Oh that "card" is fabulous! My parents have the same rules about birthday cards. I jokingly doubled checked and was firmly informed that the rule is still in effect and always will be! ;)

  2. Of course you know that I love the card with the black and white houndstooth on it, LOL! I hope your mom had a great birthday (seems like she did) :D