Monday, April 18, 2011

Burlap Carrot Door Hanger

I usually don't care too much about decorating for Holidays, aside from Christmas. Not only do they sneak up on me too quickly, but most holiday decor is too busy for my taste. That being said, the only Easter decorations that I planned on were my two stone bunnies that I put out for Spring. Then I came across a tutorial for a burlap carrot door hanger at Frou Frou Britches, and I am a sucker for anything burlap. I loved the shabby, yet sophisticated look of the simple carrots. While I didn't actually plan to make these, I came across my burlap amidst another project and it just sort of happened. Tanya has written a great tutorial with pictures on her blog, Frou Frou britches. I mostly followed her steps, with a few minor changes. I decided to hot glue my carrots together, instead of sewing, to save time. She stuffed hers with poly-fil but I opted for crumbled newspaper (resource at hand) and then I tied mine together with jute string. I think these are adorable hanging on the door. Too bad there is not even a week left until Easter.

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