Friday, April 8, 2011

Union Jack Pillow

Union Jack decor seems to be popping up all over the place. The trend is being displayed in the form of painted furniture, art prints, clothing, rugs, and pillows. There are many trends that I can't quite get into, that just aren't me. At first, I was pretty sure this was one of them. As the trend started to grow, I began seeing very creative uses of the union jack in home decor. Then I decided that I actually liked the style. But, there is just no place in my house for those red and blue colors. And then I started seeing the union jack in other colors including pink and neutral. The neutral concept is what really won me over. That would be perfect in my living room since I am going for a neutral, semi-rustic feel. I knew that I didn't want anything too large or too bold, so I decided a simple pillow would do the job. I designed my pillow using leftover linen-like material from another project. I made my stripes using two shades of burlap and a flour sack dish towel. I happened to have a pillow form that was the size I wanted so this project ended up costing me nothing at all. I was impressed with how such a small design could really add interest to a room. 


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  1. This is the nicest Union Jack I have the shabby look. (and I am Irish!!! LOL)

  2. Lauren, this is soooooo cute!!!! I love it. You are so creative, and I really like the neutrals you used for the pillow.

    I guess the world's eyes are on London for the royal wedding, so I expect we will see even more Union Jacks and other anglophile paraphernalia over the next few weeks!

    ~Ricki Jill

  3. Love your shabby chic version of the union jack!.. its great!..

  4. Love, love, love it! I've been meaning to make a neutral union jack pillow too, just haven't gotten to it yet! Yours is beautiful!


  5. Hi Lauren,

    I agree with Audrey about the color pink!

    Your Union Jack pillow is wonderful! Love the textures and layering.

    Thanks for visiting Lulu's and becoming a follower. We are excited that we are close to 50 and our give away!

    Look forward to reading your blog and seeing your creativity.


  6. very clever! I like it! Your newest follower from the north;) Hope you can visit me sometime soon!

  7. This is by far my favorite Union Jack pillow! I hope you stop by the Tuesday To Do party and share it!


  8. I love this! so creative and makes me want one in my house :) Hope you will follow me!


  9. Just stopping by to tell you that I LOVE this post and that I featured it in a special "Royal Get Crafty" :-)


  10. I've been seeing lots of Union Jack projects lately but this is definitely my favorite. I love the subtlety and natural fibers!

  11. Your pillow is fantastic! I linked it to my Royalty post too, well done!

  12. Completely adorable! I am currently hosting a Royal Wedding linky party and would love for you to link up and feature this brilliant pillow.

  13. I love the Union Jack in the neutral colours - very cute!

  14. Oh, I love your pillow, the textures and colors are unique, Celeste,

  15. I agree with Victorian the pillow is beautiful. I love how it is designed in a way to represent uk.

    -Zane of ontario honey