Friday, April 29, 2011


Over the past 48 hours since the disastrous storm made its way through Alabama, crafting has been far from my main focus. Since volunteer efforts are still in the stage of organization, my family and I are currently trying to provide essential items to people in need. Although I know the food and water and toiletries are very useful, I want to do so much more. For now, here is a look at my past week of crafts and thrifty finds...
I had spools of ribbon all over the place. Every time that I would need a certain color of ribbon for a project, it was easier to buy it rather than search for it around my house. I'm sure I still haven't found all of it, but at least I now have a system of organization. I actually found the frame on the side of the road. It is part of a wine crate and worked perfectly for making a ribbon holder. I got the wooden dowels and wooden knobs at Hobby Lobby. My dad cut the dowels down to the length that I needed and drilled holes in each side. How I love organization projects!
On the subject of organization, I tackled a massive amount of fabric. My mom has always sewn and over the years has accumulated 5 large tubs of material. I pulled out every last piece, tossed what I labeled as "hideous", and set to work. I cut a sample-size square out of each material before neatly folding back into a storage tub. Then I threaded the upper left corner of each square on to a safety pin. Each safety pin of fabric swatches corresponds to a particular tub. I was excited to find quite a bit of lovely fabric. I can't wait to put it to use.
I have been making these wreaths/door hangers for a while now. I've painted collegiate, Christmas, and family name themes. My cousin asked if I could make an "It's a boy" wreath for her sister-in-law and I thought that it turned out to be quite adorable. I decided to list a few on Etsy and hey have been a hit. Although my dad doesn't delight in the craft scene, I have to give him credit on this project as well as the ribbon holder. He cuts all the wreath shapes out of plywood and sands them to create smooth edges. Yea, he's awesome!
Last week's thrift store adventure was well worth the trip. I found a few other good deals but they were all shadowed by Mr. Beethoven. When I spotted the Beethoven bust, I went to grab him off the top shelf. I had no clue he would be that heavy. I also did not expect the cheap price of $6.88. I'm not a huge  Beethoven fan or anything but I find my statue to be rather handsome. I'm still searching for a female bust to drape my pearls over because they looked a bit silly on Mr. Beethoven.

Still praying for all of the victims of the tornados and all of their loved ones!

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  1. Lauren - what great organizational ideas. Love the ribbon holder idea. I hate having to look all over the house to find ribbon and this is a doable idea for me. The fabric bin is genius! Love having a swatch of fabric on the outside to identify the contents. What a clever girl you are.

    We cannot believe the devastation in Alabama. Everyone is in our prayers.