Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blocks and Burp Cloths

In my last post, I wrote about organizing tons and tons of fabric. In the process, I found some very cute prints that I thought would be perfect for making a baby gift. It just so happens that one of my college roommates is pregnant and having a baby girl. I decided to use a variety of material to make soft fabric blocks and matching burp cloths. 
I started off by choosing a variety of fabric to create 5 blocks. I made a 5.5" square in Microsoft Word, printed it for my pattern. Next I cut 6 squares of fabric for each block, for a total of 30. Then I sewed (yes, I actually sewed these) all of the squares together, right sides facing, and stuffed them with Polyfil. 
For the burp cloths, I started with two plain white cloth diapers. Then I chose a few of the fabric patterns that coordinate with the blocks to create a layout for the front side of the cloth. I added a button and a little loop of ribbon so that they could be hung in the nursery or attached to a car seat or diaper bag. 
This is probably one of my favorite projects that I have made lately. I was also quite proud that I sewed almost everything by myself. I did scream at the sewing machine a few times before I remembered all the tricks of the trade. I really liked the burp cloths because the ones sold in stores, although just as useful, all look alike and are all boring. But, the blocks are what really excite me. They are so soft and fuzzy and perfect for a girly nursery. Plus, the are much safer for a baby than the original wooden variety. Maybe I will try a set of baby boy blocks next.


  1. LOVE it! Thanks for linking to my delightfully inspiring Thursday Party. Looking forward to seeing your creativity next week.

  2. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. Thanks for creating such a fab blog full of inspiration. I love your blocks and burp cloths -- so CUTE!

  3. These are so cute!! I'm getting a niece in September and I'd LOVE to try making stuff like this for her!

    Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Love the blocks! What a fun and easy project!

    Would love for you to join my linky party!

  5. How cute are those!!! Love all the fun prints together :D

    Foud you on CraftOManiac!


  6. The little fabric boxes are extremely cute. I would love to make my mom one of those for her birthday coming up.

    -Zane of ontario honey