Sunday, June 12, 2011

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

Since I began planning my bff's wedding, I started a list of all related projects on a huge chalkboard in my craft room. Maybe I am a bit OCD with my list making, but for me, it feels incredible to draw a line through a finished project to mark its completion. I have been known to add stuff to my "to-do" list that I have already finished, just for the sake of crossing it out. Anyways, over the weekend I finished the moss balls for the flower girls and the pillows for the ring bearers.

The bride wanted the flower girls to carry something simple and unique, not the typical basket of petals. Since we are using moss in some of the other wedding decor and the ceremony will take place outside, I decided to make these moss balls. Because one of the three flower girls is younger, I made her ball smaller so that it wouldn't overwhelm her tiny body. I added a burlap hanger with a matching burlap bow. Now, these are completely ready for the wedding and they were much cheaper than using fresh flowers.

There are two ring bearers in the wedding and like the flower girls, one of the them is smaller than the other. Actually, the bride's adorable nephew is only about 7 months old. We are thinking he might make his entrance down the aisle in a white wagon. Taking their size size into account, one of the pillows is larger than the other. They are both covered in burlap and finished with a lace-like trim and a white shear bow. The pillows go perfectly with the moss balls.

Now, I am off to finish one of the bride's shoes. Yes I am making her shoes and they are the total definition of glamour-just like my amazing best friend. I can't wait for the much anticipated reveal!

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  1. So cute! what a great
    Idea on the mossy balls :) my kids are in my brothers
    's wedding next year so I cant wait to start these projects! fun....